Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Daily Inspiration- Just Because I'm Lost..

One of the songs from my spinning playlist. Have you tried spinning? If not, get to a gym and get on a bike. Or even better, get outside for some old school spinning. But maybe not so much in this heat. It was so chilly in the spin studio (yep, that's what they call it at my gym, fancy no?) that my sunglasses got all foggy. But I digress..

This song is one of my all time favorites and it motivates me to ride a little harder without being overly aggressive unlike much of my other workout tunes.

Enjoy- go ride your bike until the shine wears off.

Coldplay: Lost

Just because I'm losing
Doesn't mean I'm lost
Doesn't mean I'll stop
Doesn't mean I'm across

Just because I'm hurting
Doesn't mean I'm hurt
Doesn't mean I didn't get what I deserved
No better and no worse

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