Sunday, February 6, 2011

FEB 2011: A few of my favorite things..

In no particular order...

1- Flannel lined jeans: I now have 4 pairs and I love them all. Four pairs may seem excessive, but 1 pair is now a size too large (thanks healthy eating!) so they are reserved for super cold weather when I need to layer them up with a pair of thermal underwear. That's right, thermals, flannel and denim- guaranteed to keep you toasty warm. Another of the 4 pack are ripped at the moment and need a trip to the seamstress, so that leaves only 2 pair in rotation that are my go to jeans.

My favorite brands are Eddie Bauer and Land's End. Do yourself a favor and pick up a pair. Your warmed bum will thank you.

2- Bali's Barely There Breathable Boy Shorts: Pretty specific, I know but I like the details on great products. I am boycotting Target, so I had to do a little searching to find a replacement for my Gillian O' Malley underthings. These boy shorts by Bali are the winner. They are tagless, seamless, and made of breathable microfiber. And I can confirm that they are super comfy and produce no visible panty line, even in yoga pants! I pick mine up at the Bali outlet, but there are also plenty of places online you can find them if you are not blessed to live near an outlet mall.

3- My new iPhone4: Why oh why did I resist so long? I love my new iPhone and am already a heavy user of the shop shop app, Pandora, and the facebook app. I am in the process of mastering the on screen keyboard which honestly wasn't as tricky as I imagined. Now that Verizon is releasing it's version of the iPhone, you should be able to pick up one from AT&T on the cheap. Mine came via my company's discount and was too good of a deal to pass up. I also highly recommend the anti-glare screen protectors and this handy little cover that let's you keep your license and some cash on hand (this is my gym solution instead of carrying my wallet).

Feel free to chime in with a few things you cannot live without or have recently discovered and have made it onto your favorite's list.

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