Thursday, March 26, 2009

MAR 26: Moment of Zen


Today’s moment of zen :

Begrudgingly sliding feet into workout shoes to go spend an hour with the elliptical.  Feeling something amiss and hoping it doesn’t mean new shoes since I really love these.  Shoes back off again and looking at socks for the offending lump then at the shoes only to find a small bundle of fuzzy felt and strings- also known as the youngest kitty’s very favorite toy in the world.  Actually, the remains of his very favorite toy which I have replaced with an exact replica but he still loves the sad little bits from the original toy more.  Happiness replacing begrudging because a little boy kitten in this house loves me so much he left me his treasures.

Obligatory photo of thoughtful kitten, Sixer, because I know you want to see him:



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