Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy Birthday Edie

Happy Birthday Edie!

First, God bless you for reaching 41 before me even if it's only by 23 days, my Aquarius sister. I am counting on you to lead the way into this new year of our lives.

For those of you not in the know, Edie is one of the main reasons I started my personal blog. I had been blogging for work and exploring social media and was contemplating taking the plunge myself when I stumbled over lifeingrace. Not only was it a kickass blog in general, but it was written by sweet Edie who I first met in middle school way back before kids, or home schooling and even prior to blue eyeshadow. Yes, I have seen her do a hitchkick, don't be jealous.

I obsessively read over the archives while also making note of the design and structure. It was so fun to be able to peek into a friend's current life and catch up on what I had missed since high school. I could almost hear her sweet southern voice encouraging me, "Cmon now, you can do it!".

And so, I did. I kicked off my blog and love the outlet it provides as well as the ability to have an online journal of sorts since I was never very good at keeping the written version. I am also pretty lax on my blogging discipline but hope to improve this year.

So, back to Edie and her fabulous blog. I read it faithfully and find guilty pleasure in spying into a life so wonderful yet completely opposite of my own. It's like watching a movie of an alternate path I could have taken. A path filled with cheery home-schooled children, baking, faith and a down right admirable lust for books. If Edie has inspired you, made you laugh, brought a tear or made you rent Coal Miner's Daughter, take a moment and wish her a happy bday.

And my gift to you, dear Edie, is a rare and precious thing. It could just be considered your anthem, which is a pretty bold statement, but it meets the following qualifications:
1. It's sung by a kick ass southern chick, Ms Tanya Tucker, at the ripe age of 14. Yes, 14.
2. The video is from Hee Haw in 1973. Enough said.
3. The lyrics make me think of you (see below).

Warning: This song is infectious. You may be singing it all day. I have also included the lyrics since some of ya'll non Southerners may not be able to catch all the words with Ms Tucker's delicious twang.

PS..I am also giving you a rain check to be redeemed whenever I am in town for some Starbucks and good a good gossip session.

Delta Dawn: Tanya Tucker

Delta Dawn, what's that flower you have on
Could it be a faded rose from days gone by
And did I hear you say he was a-meeting you here today
To take you to his mansion in the sky

She's forty-one and her daddy still calls her "baby"
All the folks around Brownsville say she's crazy
'Cause she walks around town with a suitcase in her hand
Looking for a mysterious dark-haired man

In her younger days they called her Delta Dawn
Prettiest woman you ever laid eyes on
Then a man of low degree stood by her side
And promised her he'd take her for his bride

Delta Dawn, what's that flower you have on
Could it be a faded rose from days gone by
And did I hear you say he was a-meeting you here today
To take you to his mansion in the sky


What a great post....I have love all the post about Edie....

I agree Teresa- this was such a great idea!

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oh miss ami, you have no idea how i needed a little 'delta dawn' this morning! i do believe it's the perfect anthem. and i'd take that dress of hers in a heartbeat.
and for my 41st birthday?! you're too good to me.
and yes, i'll be singing it all day :)
it has been such a wonderful encouragement to me to *find* you again. and that you can embrace so lovingly someone whose views are so different from your own---i love you for that.
bless you sweet friend. thank you for caring, for being there to love and encourage us at such a really awful time. i'm so thankful.
love you,

ps. that was my deleted comment earlier. i type 120 wpm with 57 mistakes

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